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Add Intensity to Your Workout In 5 Steps

Have you ever seen that guy in the gym who does 2 or 3 reps of an exercise then just sits there on his phone for 5 minutes?

Or that girl who lies on the ground with her feet on a Swiss ball while she find the best dog filter for her next selfie?

They come to the gym for about an hour, but do maybe a minute of work?

You know a few of these people, you might even be one of those people.

They will be the first to complain that their body isn’t changing and the first to remind people how often they “go to” the gym. 

They never accomplish anything because they are incredibly unfocused.

In the fitness game distraction and laziness are equal sins. Here’s how you can avoid those two disasters:

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Stop Skipping Single Leg Exercises

A single leg exercise is an exercise in which only one leg bears weight or generates force.  I’m sure you couldn’t have figured that out on your own.

Single leg exercise are a great, often under-utilized tool in the fitness arsenal. 

Single leg exercises can be used and programmed to great effect in programs designed to burn fat, add muscle and build athleticism and balance. 

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How to Change: A Simple Trick

You have the ability to change your body.  You have the ability to change your attitude.  Despite years of weakness and other negative situations you can always choose to overcome your surroundings.  Your past will only haunt you if you let it remain in sight, choosing to tether your mind to past indiscretions or pain.  You have the ability to sever the chain of your past, letting the event go and the scar remain.

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Welcome to the Online Academy

What is Online Training?
It is a simple, innovative way for anyone to remotely work with our coaches and trainer, regardless of location. For less than the cost of one session with a personal trainer at your local gym you can receive a month’s worth of workouts tailored to fit you.  Plus I’m probably funnier and better looking than all your local trainers. 

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Strong as F*ck: Build an Unbreakable Mind

You are not capable of changing the world.  You are not capable of putting a saddle on life and commanding it to chart a path you deem fit.  The only strategy you can take is to toughen yourself.  Whether you feel weak or strong, you should always be aiming to toughen yourself.  Life is unpredictable and we must always prepare for adversity and obstacles.

When life throws a punch would you rather be just another victim knocked out by circumstance and bad fortune? Or would you rather be left standing in the ring, bloody and bruised but  unbowed?  Strong enough to withstand the beating and look life in the eyes, only to tell it "You never knocked me down".

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Carry Your Way to A Stronger Core

In our quest to look good without our shirts on we oftentimes talk about our core.  We want it to be stronger.  We want it to look tighter.  We want all of our abs to be visible.

Most of us think our core is nothing but our abs.  We think it can be worked by doing planks for crunches.  While this is true, the six pack is only a small portion of the core.

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Quick , Simple Cardio: The Lost Art of Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is simple but is by no means easy.  It is eminently adaptable.  You can perform it at a snail’s pace as a means of recovery, or you can jump like a kangaroo on Red Bull as an interval cardio workout.

Very few things burn as many calories as a minute of jumping rope.  It’s going to be awkward at first but you can master it in a very short time.  If you want to build coordination, athleticism and burn some fat you must start jumping rope.  Just find some little girls to teach you how to double dutch.

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Maximum Effort! The Art of Conquering Negativity

You must remember that there is no disconnection between your body and your mind.  You are in control of both.  Your thoughts will dictate your action. Allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity or self-hatred might seem like the natural thing to do at times, but it is never justified and will only serve to make your goal harder to reach.

We all face frustrations on our road to self-improvement.  Each obstacle we face can be a chance to wilt and quit or it can be an opportunity to steel ourselves and test our mettle.  By quitting we are only ensuring that we will meet the same obstacle again. 

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