We provide top notch coaching on individual programs. We teach you the skills you need to not only reach your goals, but to maintain them for the rest of your life.

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Semi-Private Training provides all the benefits of one on one personal training, at a lower cost and with a more flexible schedule. You’ll get in depth coaching, personalized programming and lifestyle support all within the energy of a small group of no more than 5 people.

Whether you want to do your first push up, or deadlift 400 pounds we will create the perfect program for you. We’re not like commercial gyms because we build our programs around you.

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Where We Are

9735 Old St. Augustine Road Ste. 11
Jacksonville, FL 32257



Who We Are

Jacksonville Fitness Academy is a family owned private training facility.  We make you look better, feel better and move better by focusing with laser like intensity on your individual goals and needs.  


Patrick Henigan-ACSM, FMS, NSCAA

owner.LEad Trainer.

Patrick is a nationally certified and published Strength and Conditioning coach with almost a decade of experience.  He has successfully trained SNL cast members, former MLS players and CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies who sought him out for his expertise in pain-free performance training and body recomposition.  


Catherine Henigan -BFA

owner. Head of group fitness.

Catherine is a classically trained dancer and dance teacher.  She has a unique, innovative style of Group Fitness that will leave you in a pool of sweat but ready for more.


How To Talk To Us


You can call us anytime at (904)-503-8143.
You can reach Pat at Pat@JaxFitAcademy.com
You can reach Catherine at Catherine@JaxFitAcademy.com

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