Fix Your Shoulder Part 1: How to Cure Stiffness

Your shoulder is an incredibely versatile and complicated joint.

That's why close to 60% of people report shoulder pain at some point in their life.

In the first video in this series I'll tell you why the surrounding musculature is more important than the deltoids themselves to achieve a full, healthy level of function with your shoulder.

Your lats and your pec minor are two muscle groups that take a beating in your daily life. If you sit at a desk all day they are more than likely tight and limited. That will cause shoulder pain and disfunction.

This video will show you how to restore them to their proper length so you can have a healthy shoulder again.

Check it out and share it with your friends in pain.

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Do Your First Pull Up in 4 Weeks

EVERYONE and their mother wants to do a pull up.

But no one knows how to get started.

You can either "figure it out" by hanging from a bar like a dead fish, or you can properly implement regressions and drills that will teach you how to to build the TECHNIQUE and STRENGTH needed to do your first pull up.

In this video I'll show you a foolproof plan to build a kick ass pull up in as little as 4-6 weeks guaranteed.

Give it a watch, share it with your weak friends and happy pulling.

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Patrick Henigan
How to Fix Your Lunge

A lot of people have a hard time controlling their body as they lunge.

It’s tempting to think that you have a problem with your knees, hips or even your lower back.

You don’t.

You have a problem with your foot. You have an anchoring problem. Your foot is not making ideal contact with the ground, so it is sending the wrong signals to both your hips and knees.

Here is how to fix your lunge.

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Patrick Henigan
Fix Your Breathing

Do your shoulders, hips and lower back hurt?

Do you stretch, foam roll and massage them but they still hurt?

You’re not stretching wrong, you’re breathing wrong.

Watch this video to find out why that’s important and how to fix it!

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Patrick Henigan
Exercise You Should be Doing: The Squeeze Press

The inner chest is very hard to target.  Everyone wants that line that divides your pecs.  It not only makes you look good, it helps you perform better in the gym.

A more robust set of pecs will allow you to press more, and also fill out your sweater in winter.  

Most people perform a ton of dumbbell or cable flies to hit this area, and then complain when they get cranky shoulders.

There's a better way to target this area, while not aggravating your shoulders.

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Patrick Henigan
Small Changes Lead to Gigantic Results

A lot of people are overly ambitious in their goals.  I don't say that to imply that their goals are unattainable, they just have an unrealistic road map in their head.  

This is especially true when it comes to nutrition.  I normally ask someone "What's your biggest dietary obstacle? What do you want to change?"

They normal answer is something like "I want to change every thing! Starting tomorrow I want to only eat kale, boiled chicken and never touch salt or sugar again!" 

That's great, but it completely disregards human psychology and their own innate desire to revert back to what's comfortable.

I have to slow people down, and tell them that I don't want them to change everything overnight. I want them to slowly change their bad habits so that the process is do-able and sustainable.

The truth of the matter is that small changes over time lead to gigantic results.  Gigantic changes over a short period of time lead to frustration and failure. 

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Patrick Henigan
Do I Need to Count My Calories?

Tracking your calories is the most surefire way to successfully change your body.  If you're trying to lose fat or build muscle you need to be in control of what you eat, and be accountable for it.

However, it's not always possible to track everything you eat.  

It's also possible that you might hate math and the process of tracking your calories may be too stressful for you.  

That doesn't mean you're doomed to failure, it just means you need to employ another method.

There's a simple way you can control your portions without counting your calories.

You just need your hand and the ability to count to 2.

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Patrick Henigan
Exercises You Should Be Doing: Offset Goblet Squat

I am a big fan of offset exercises.  It's when you perform an exercise with only one weight, normally only on one side of your body.

It's an easy way to make "boring" exercises more fun and to change the emphasis of the movement to incorporate more of your core.  They also force you to concentrate more on the movement as you don't want to fall or lose your balance.

The Offset Goblet Squat utilizes all these principles and has a host of benefits.

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Patrick Henigan
How to Do Your first Pull Up

Pull ups are famously hard.  They're so challenging that every underdog sports movie has a montage of the main character's pull up development.  At first they are an out of shape also ran who can't even do one pull up but over the course of one 80s song they become a svelt, contender who can bang out upwards of 10 pull ups.  Sometimes in the Russian wilderness.

Most people train pull ups wrong.  They think they are a purely strength exercise, so they load up a ton of weight on a lat pull down machine or try to cheat their way to a full pull up.

Pull ups are a skill.  You need to train the movement and the mental recognition of the separate parts of the movement. 

Yes, you need to be strong enough to pull yourself up to the bar, but you also need the physical skills to recognize what movements need to be completed in order to do that.  To be honest, most people are strong enough to do a pull up after 3 months of training.  They don't have the movement specific skills to execute a proper rep, or they freak out when they are hanging from a bar and have to overcome a mental hurdle.

Here are the only two exercises you need to progress yourself to a full pull up and to overcome the "sh*t I can't do this!" mental hurdle.

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Patrick Henigan