Use Isometrics to Get Stronger

Using a heavier weight is not always the best way to make an exercise more challenging.

Adding a longer Isometric is more beneficial than butchering reps with a heavier weight.

If you're trying to gain muscle the quality of your movement matters and this is an intelligent way to challenge yourself.

If you are someone who has joint pain adding a heavier weight is only going to further your joint problems.

There is always a way to get results by thinking outside the box.

Every exercise has three portions. The concentric- where the muscle shortens or flexes, the eccentric- where the muscle elongates and stretches and the isometric- where the muscle is fully contracted and the motion is paused.

You can manipulate all 3 of these phases to achieve greater results. Today I’ll show you how to manipulate the isometric.

Intelligent training produces amazing, pain free results.

Start training now.

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Patrick Henigan