How to Fix Your I.T Band

Your iliotibial (IT) Band is NOT a muscle. It's NOT a ligament. It's a bundle of fascia whose sole purpose is to stabilize the relationship between the knee and the hip. 

It has a role in both knee flexion (bending your knee) and extension (straightening your knee). That means it's CONSTANTLY being used. 

A lot of people, especially runners, think they have IT band issues when really they have HIP STABILITY ISSUES. 

If your hip capsule is weak, unstable or imbalanced it is going to put an incredible amount of pressure on the IT band.

Lucky for you there is a 3 step protocol you can follow in order to straighten, strengthen and fix your hip so your IT band never hurts again.

The steps are: 1. Get your Hip into a neutral position. 2. Strengthen your hip stabilizers. 3. Get strong.

Most of the time pain is just a symptom of a bigger movement problem. Don't spend a lot of money on massages or therapy without exploring your basic movement patterns.

Here's how to fix your hip so you never have IT band issues again.

Patrick Henigan