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Semi-Private training is a 50-60 minute training session built to fit your individual needs.  You will get a program that is created to fit your personal goals. Even though you will be training at the same time as other clients, you will be working a personalized program while they are doing theirs.

Our semi-private approach offers you individualized workouts tailored to your goals.

Your training sessions will be with a small group of (up to) four other trainees. This intimate size allows for intense individual coaching while experiencing the energy of a group.


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We have two goals:

1.To get you results in the quickest, safest way

2. To teach you all the skills, tips and techniques you need to keep your results forever



What It Is

  • Individualized coaching in a group environment

  • A personal approach to fitness

  • Individual attention from a nationally recognized coach

  • A custom program built to fit your needs and schedule

  • A way to train with the energy of the group


What It Isn't

  • A bootcamp or class where everyone is performing the same exercises

  • A bunch of random exercises thrown together

  • Crossfit

  • Planet Fitness


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