No Gym? No Problem. A Complete Bodyweight Exercise Program.

In a perfect world, you would be able to go to the gym every day.

You'd be able to drive to and from the gym without having to rush.

You'd have time to do curls for an hour and flex in the mirror.

Unfortunately, we don't live in that perfect world. 

You have commitments beyond your personal desires and passions.  You have to go to work, you have to care for your family, you have to walk your dogs and teach your cats how to speak Spanish. 

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You barely have enough time to flex even one bicep in the mirror.

You don't always have the time to budget a trip to the gym.  

That doesn't mean you can't workout.

Using nothing but your own bodyweight you can get a kick ass workout in a small space.  You can increase strength, conditioning, and mobility.

Bodyweight workouts have many benefits.  They build the base strength, body awareness and mobility needed to accelerate muscle gain. They naturally increase your range of motion in tricky joints.  They can be done nearly anywhere, whether you are on vacation or short on time and only have access to your laundry room.  

This program contains 4 workouts. 

You’ll be building strength, increasing endurance and conditioning your muscles and cardiovascular system.

You'll learn what Density Training is.  You'll learn how to program a Pyramid Scheme that doesn't involve selling knives door to door or protein on Instagram.  You'll learn my secret conditioning workout that will make you curse my name,

The majority of exercises require nothing besides your body, but the occasional chair or elevated surface is called for.  The workouts can be done mostly indoors, but one requires you to go outside.  I know, terrible.  

Here is the complete program!

Mastering bodyweight training will make you stronger in the gym, more flexible and agile in your daily life and enable you to burn body fat faster.

Try this program the next time you are on vacation, short for time or just need a change to your normal gym routine. Let me know how it goes!

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