3 Moves to Keep Your Shoulders Happy

If you’ve ever lifted a weight, thrown a ball, done a push up, danced, gave a high five or been alive you’ve experienced shoulder pain.  The shoulder is a touchy joint where many ligaments, tendons and muscles meet.  It is a complicated ball and socket where a lot can go wrong.

Your shoulder can be creaky, stiff, the muscles can be pulled or they could be impinged.  There are a lot of different ways they can hurt, or be annoying.  Let’s be honest, you’ve experienced it at least once in your life.

Keeping your shoulders healthy and happy does not have to be a giant ordeal.  You don’t have to go through physical therapy to just enjoy a pain free shoulder.  You just need a resistance band.  Here are 3 ways to keeps your shoulders happy.

1.       Band Pull Aparts

2. Band Shoulder Dislocators

3.       No Moneys

All of these exercises will pull your shoulder back into alignment.  A lot of shoulder pain comes from an imbalance between our posterior deltoids (front of the shoulder muscles) and the rear deltoid (back of the shoulder muscles).  This can come about from hunched posture, poor mobility while weight lifting, weird sleeping positions or over use. 

By learning how to control your shoulder blades and strengthening you rear deltoid you will earn those happy, healthy shoulders that will allow you to go about your daily life with no pain. Add these 3 resistance band exercises to your daily warm up or perform them each a few times throughout the day.

In pain? Jacked up shoulders?

You need to start working with me ASAP.

Patrick Henigan