The One Weight Workout

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I’ve been travelling a lot lately.  As a personal trainer the hardest part of traveling is not being able to pre-plan my workout or stick to my ongoing program.  I have to think on my feet and come up with a simple yet effective workout that I can perform with minimal equipment in minimal space.

A lot of times I will not have access to equipment or weights, but that is no excuse for a poor workout.  I am of the firm belief that you can complete a bad-ass workout with just your body, or in this case with just one weight.

With Christmas coming up I know a lot of you will be in the same boat.  Travelling to see friends and family and without access to a proper gym.


Here is a difficult full body workout that you can complete with just one dumbbell, kettlebell or even your small child or dog.  You will not only be using one weight- you will only be working one side of your body at a time.  By working in this offset manner you will force your core to work overtime. 

You are going to perform this circuit like a pyramid.  You will perform each circuit 4 times.  

The first time you are going to do 12 reps.  The second time you are going to 10 reps.  The third time you are going to 8 reps and the fourth and final time you are going to do 6 reps.

First perform the circuit once with your non-dominant side.  Then take a 30 second break and perform the circuit once with your dominant side.  That's one round. 

Do not rest between exercises, for a simple workout like this to be effective you must work close to your cardiovascular capacity AKA work your ass off.

1. One Arm Floor Press

2. Offset Goblet Squat

3. One Arm Overhead Press

4. Offset Bent Over Row

5. Offset Reverse Lunge

6. Offset Pushup with Shoulder Tap

7. One Arm Overhead Carry

In this video I am holding 2 kettlebells.  You will only be holding one.  

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