Semi-Private Personal Training Packages

We will create the plan that will make you reach your goals. The only thing we want from you is commitment.

Our prices reflect your commitment. The longer and more frequently you commit to train, the lower your price per session will be. Results are only driven by your commitment, and we reward those who work hard.

We sell training in 3 and 12 month agreements. These packages are paid for in monthly autodraft installments. That means 3 months, 3 payments or 12 months, 12 payments. We have absolutely no signup or registration fees. You only pay for your sessions.

Our hour long sessions range from $28-$40 per session.  The more sessions you commit to the less each session costs.  


*Remember you pay for your sessions monthly not weekly or per session* If you have any other questions please feel free to reach back out.

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Your goals and satisfaction are the most important thing to us.  For that reason you cannot purchase sessions until you've completed your assessment.