Semi-Private Personal Training Packages

We have no membership fees, initiation fees or cancellation fees.  You only pay for your training sessions.

Our hour long sessions range from $35-$45 per session.  The more sessions you commit to the less each session costs.  

You are purchasing the number of sessions, not the time period.  We encourage you to complete your sessions in a month, but we understand life can get busy and mess with your schedule.  To illustrate this point let's say that you decided to train twice a week and purchased the 8 session package which costs $320.  You complete the first two weeks with no problem, but then get called away on a business trip for the next two weeks.  We will not charge you, or renew your package only because the month changed.  You will only renew once you complete your remaining 4 sessions.

Every time you complete your monthly package you can decide if you want to train more frequently or less frequently.  All clients who train at least twice per week receive a hefty discount on Unlimited Monthly Classes (Striking, Barre and Bootcamp). 


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Your goals and satisfaction are the most important thing to us.  For that reason you cannot purchase sessions until you've completed your assessment.