Jacksonville Fitness Academy uses results-driven programming combined with soccer specific training to help young athletes of any age smash through walls and opponents like they’re cardboard. We’re driven to help players of every age jump higher, run faster, and get stronger.

All programs are created and supervised by Patrick Henigan who is a N.S.C.A.A Soccer Coach and Trainer who boasts a lengthy playing and training career. Get an overview below of how we’ll help you achieve your athletic potential.


Strength training for soccer is more than just seeing how many plates can be loaded up onto a barbell. Utilizing a broad spectrum of different forms of resistance training, our program focuses on developing proper movement patterns and strengthening the body through overloading optimal execution of movement.


Power is undoubtedly an imperative quality needed on the soccer field. Whether it is explosively shielding the ball or leaving the ground for a header, the ability to display power is a quality that is desired for all soccer players.


On the soccer field, the player that is able to do his job faster than his opponents will always come out superior. Accelerating to get into position to score or defend a quick set piece requires the ability to burst at any moment.


Soccer, more than any other sport, requires the players to have the ability to sustain movement over the duration of a game. The athletes must be able to avoid fatigue and push through it when necessary. There is nothing worse than conceding a winning goal in stoppage time due to fatigue. This happens as a result of developing the body’s energy systems. Our program aims to ensure that the energy systems of the body are able to provide the necessary fuel that soccer players need to sustain high outputs of activity throughout every game.


It is very important for soccer players to maintain total body mobility and stability – especially in the hips and ankles. Our program offers a unique and complementary approach to ensure that the players’ bodies are functioning properly and able to attain normal positions as well as positions required by the sport. We take great care in developing the tissues of the body to handle the stresses they will encounter on the field.

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