12 Week Hypertrophy Program

12 Week Hypertrophy Program


So you want to get bigger and stronger?

There is a lot of volume in this program.  To grow each muscle group you need the adequate amount of volume.  You will be targeting each muscle group twice per week during 4 workouts.  2 are upper body focused, 2 are lower body focused but your upper body will be used in some capacity during each workout.

Volume refers to the number of sets and reps you perform both within a workout, and over the course of a week.  This program will allow you to hit the maximum amount of volume per week, while also planning enough time to recover in between each workout.  

This is not an easy program.  It requires you to be confident in your bench press, squat and deadlift. This program will improve all 3 of those lifts, but you need to know the basics.

The layout of this program:
4 days of working out, 3 days off.

What you need:
Access to barbells and dumbbells and that’s it.

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