Complete Customization

While most of the training at JaxFit takes place in a semi-private (small group) format with individualized programming, we also have some spaces available for individuals to train one-on-one with Pat.

These Private training sessions are a great option for those who have grand goals and need complete focus and attention on every detail of their training. Additionally, they may be a better fit for those who need to exercise at times when Jax Fit may not be open for normal hours.

All one-on-one sessions will be conducted by Pat Henigan, the owner and lead trainer.

One Session is $75
Ten Sessions are $700
Twenty Sessions are $1200

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At Jacksonville Fitness Academy, we believe everyone has a goal, whether it’s increasing your maximum bench press, sculpting your arms, or simply dropping 20 lbs before bikini season. Jacksonville Fitness Academy provides you with all the tools, the experience, and the knowledge you need to reach your goals. That’s why when you join our gym, we GUARANTEE you’ll achieve your goal. All we ask of you is to simply show up.


The first thing we do is give you a personalized 1 on 1 consultation. We will ask you a series of comprehensive questions designed to assess your level of physical fitness, commitment, and any limitations you may have. Then we take you through a FREE workout where additional assessment is done to determine strengths and weaknesses in your posture, mobility, and flexibility. Once your fitness assessment is complete, we’ll sit down with you to establish your GOAL and layout your customized success plan. Don’t waste another day just exercising, contact us to schedule your consultation and start moving towards your goal today.