We Make Your Diet Easy and Sustainable

So You Can Have Life Long Results

Nutrition is crucial if you want amazing results in the gym. It’s also a major obstacle for most people. You’re confused about what to eat, when to eat or what diet to follow. We’ll educate you on the science behind nutrition while crafting the optimal diet plan for your metabolism.

Nutrition Counseling will craft the right diet for you.

We’ll work with you to break bad food habits and develop healthy habits to create a diet that you will be able to follow for life. We don’t prescribe crash or extreme diets because they don’t work. We won’t tell you what you can’t eat. We’ll craft a flexible diet plan that allows you to eat the foods you love without guilt or weight gain.

This is not a passive service

You’ll have to work, you’ll have to read and you’ll have to be mindful of every thing you eat and drink. We want you to improve and we want you to be confident for life in your eating habits. That means you’ll have to work hard during the first few months to build new healthy habits.

You Have Two Options


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You can sign up for a one time consultation. You will have to journal and record all your food for a week before your meeting. We’ll calculate all your personal nutrition needs during your session and teach you how to follow the plan perfectly. During your session we’ll answer any food and nutrition questions you have.


You can become a Nutrition Client. We’ll meet twice per month to calculate all your nutritional needs, and to make sure you’re having an easy time following the plan. We’ll provide email support so any of your questions are answered right away. You’ll be provided all the support you need.

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