Unleash Your Inner Warrior

using unique equipment and boxing/striking techniques this class will make melting fat fun.

Warrior Class is our primary class offering and includes the best of boxing, conditioning and strength training.  Learn how to move like a fighter, look like a fighter and hit like a fighter.

The focus of these classes is to offer a fully comprehensive training experience with ample time dedicated to mobility, movement prep, strength, conditioning and flexibility. To assure that each of these goals are reached we follow a formulaic approach to programming these classes.

The experience is different each time as we include various movements and tools into the programming.

We will be running a Warrior Class and Bootcamp series at Mark Spivak's Dance Extension.
The classes will be held:

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 AM!

Mark Spivak's Dance Extension
 3740 San Jose Place, Jacksonville, FL 32257

It is $10 at the door and $8 if you pre-register by following the link below.


One Bootcamp or Warrior Class.  Pre-registration discount.


Let's do this!

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We offer two different Bootcamp style classes at Jacksonville Fitness Academy.  

  • Bootcamp: Offered once a day and on Saturdays.  It is a general Strength and Metabolic class that requires hard work.  These take place in an energetic setting and are ideal for groups of friends.
  • Kettlebell Warrior Class:  Our most unique offering.  Using mostly Kettlebells, Maces and other unique forms of equipment designed to bring out the Warrior in every person.  This form of training is hard on the spirit, but easy on the joints. These classes take place every day during lunch hours.
    • Classes are capped at 15 people, we encourage registration beforehand.